Does Walgreens Sell Stamps

Does Walgreens Sell Stamps

As far as Walgreens is concerned, Yes, this store also sell stamps for general public. Basically, this is a pharmacy but people can buy almost everything from this store.
They have recently started to sell a wide range of stamps at their store. The USA Forever that is the most famous stamp, it is easily available on Walgreens. This stamp can be purchased in the form of booklet of 10 or 20 stamps from different stores of Walgreens. Walgreens owns 8000 chains all over United States so you can find their stores almost everywhere in US..

Postage Stamps Price in Walgreens:

Walgreens stores are offering the facility of postage stamps. These stamps are available in a form of a booklet and this booklet contains nearly 20 stamps in it. This booklet will cost you $10. It has been observed that the prices of the postage stamps in Walgreens stores have risen due to the overall price hiking in the country. The cost of a first class single piece-mail letter has increased from 46 cents to 49 cents. So overall, the price has converted from $9.20 to 9.80.

This is the cost of a book of 20 stamps. Different designs are available. If you want a single stamp then you must consider some other store because here you will have to buy a booklet. No single stamp can be bought from here. All these First class stamps that are sold on Walgreens are Forever Stamps. It means that if the rate of stamps increases in the future, you can still use your stamp that you have bought earlier.

How to Buy Stamps at Walgreens?

Walgreens is a famous store chain that is widely spread in all over US. If you want to buy anything including stamps, Walgreens is the best choice. This is so because Walgreens stores are easy to find and about every 5 kilometer you will definitely find a branch of this store. The chance of not finding stores near you are very slim due to it’s widely spread branches. So when you are in need of stamps, just visit the store and ask for stamps.

The staff is very cooperative and representatives are always ready to provide assistance regarding the selection of stamps. So it is quite easy to access this store. But if you find that no branch is near to you, you can avail the facility of online shopping in such case.

This is an ear of internet. People like to do a lot of shopping while sitting at home. This thing saves time and energy of people, no doubt. While keeping in view this factor, Walgreens is has its own website and mobile and computer users can easily access this site. So, Walgreens deals in both offline and online selling of stamp. People can also buy wide range of groceries, baby products, seasonal things, medical drugs etc. Online prescription is also available on their site. You can get assistance regarding your health issues by visiting this website. By sitting at home, with a single click, you can order stamps and send letters to your family.

Walgreens Store Near You:

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Walgreens is having almost 8000 branches in all over USA. This number is good enough to make you realize that this is the most widespread chain. People can easily get an access to these stores. Where ever you are in United States, it will be easy for you to find a Walgreens store. Chances of having no nearby store are quite slim because the chains are widely spread. But if you have no idea, you can use a site map for checking the location of your nearby store. Stamps, grocery, medical and health products etc. can be easily obtained from this store. Site map provides a complete detail regarding the location of different branches.

I-phone and android apps are also available for the users. People can access the products online by downloading this app from their app store. You can check the location of Walgreens store from this app too. This app will provide the list of nearby Walgreens store and you can select the location of your required store for visiting. One counter is dedicated to the stamps and you can buy stamp of your own choice with ease. At the time of different events, stamps often become unavailable due to high demand. So, if you wish to buy for some event, you must buy in advance.

About Walgreens:

The first store of Walgreens was opened in Chicago in early 1900’s. It was given a lot of attention and it progressed rapidly. It started to spread its branches all across the country. In 2012, Walgreens proudly announced the opening of its 8000th branch in Los Angeles. In 2013, they opened a store and it was said that it would be a net zero energy store because solar energy panels and wind turbines were used to provide fuel to the store. In 2014, Walgreens was merged with Alliance Boots. This merging was done to generate an International pharmacy. Services of Walgreens are good enough to make people a loyal customer of them.

They have brought a variety of products with the passage of time to facilitate the consumers. Huge range of health products is available at their store. Baby products, grocery, health related products and variety of stamps can be bought from this store easily. Recently, they have introduced the facility of scanning the pictures with the printing. This store also offers membership and loyalty program and if you earn points with this program after shopping, you can redeem them later. Walgreens is open to clients to provide them with basic items and provides a great customer service.

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