Does Safeway Sell Stamps

Does Safeway Sell Stamps

Are you looking for a place that sells postage stamps near you? Then you should definitely take a look into the supermarket chain of stores, the Safeway.

The supermarket has recently added the postage stamps as well to their list of stocks and hence you can now step into any of the Safeway stores and buy postage stamps.The pricing of the postage stamps at Safeway doesn’t vary from the price at the US Postal services, but you will not be able to get individual unit of stamps in Safeway.

You can only get them as booklets, a count of 20 in each of them and the price would be that of the 20 forever stamps in those booklets. So now you can combine your other shopping requirements like grocery or household shopping along with your postage stamps shopping. It will be a single point checkout and a onetime shopping trip as well.

Postage Stamps Price in Safeway:

If you are not already aware, then you would be happy to know that Safeway, one of the leading retailers of drugs and food in the nation, is now offering postage stamps as well. You can get dairy products, meats, flowers and what not along with the postage stamps for your package at the Safeway store near you.

The stamps at Safeway are sold in booklet forms. So you will actually get a booklet of forever stamps at the minimum at Safeway that is a book of 20 forever stamps. The pricing of the stamps is unchanged meaning that you get it at the same price as that at the US Postal services. So if you are buying one booklet you will be paying the cost of 20 stamps in the booklet as per the current rate determined by the US Postal services.

There is also the factor on the weight of your package and the destination you want to send it to which will determine the number of stamps you need, thereby deciding on the cost of the stamps in total. You have to weigh the package beforehand to know how many stamps you need and then buy accordingly.

How to Buy Stamps at Safeway?

Known quite well for selling various dairy products, consumer goods, dry cleaning products, photographic objects, flowers, liquor and lottery among other things, Safeway is among the leading drug and food retailer in Northern America. And it also happens to be the place where you can get your postage stamps at the same price as that of USPS.

The shop is open on all days between 8 am to 10 pm in most localities except on Sundays when its hours of operation is reduced to either 9 am to 6 pm or 12 noon to  6pm depending on the location. While there isn’t much change on the number of hours or the working hours of the store, it is definitely a place where you can get postage stamps without much hassle. You can of course check their website to know the working hours to avoid another trip.

Now that you have the Safeway working hours, you can just visit them for your household shopping while also getting your postage stamps. All you have to do is simply walk into the store and enquire for the postage stamps at their reception desk. They will guide you on the same. You can get them in books of 20 forever stamps and you can get as many books as you want at the same price as USPS. Given that these are forever stamps, there is no worry on stocking them up if unused either. The checkout process is quite simple, same as any other shopping you would do at the store.

Safeway Store Near You:

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As one of the leading supermarket chain of stores in the United States, Safeway is actually the subsidiary of the famous Albertsons. They have their headquarters in California and they have quite a few stores opened in multiple locations for easy access of the consumers.  Most of the Safeway stores are located in southwest, America west and Rocky mountains in the central area and also in the Atlanta area of Canada and also in the Midwest.

It has majority of the stores in Washington and in Colorado. With more than 1300 stores to its credit in United States alone, finding one store near you will not be a daunting task. You simply have to login to their website and search for the store locator. Here you can key in the city and location code and search for the nearest Safeway store.  The store locator is easily accessible on the home page of the website where you can search for the stores in 15, 20, 25, 50 or even 100 miles from your location. Once found your store, you just have to walk in, enquire at the reception and get the postage stamps as per your requirements.

About Safeway:

Marion Barton Skaggs founded the first Safeway store in the year 1915 and it was opened for the first time in the state of Idaho. From the very first time, the store has been operating quite a few subsidiaries like Pavilions, Randall’s food market, etc. Being the subsidiary of the Albertsons group, the store has its headquarters in the state of California. The store had nearly 400+ stores to its credit in 1926 during which period, the owner merged with 300+ Safeway stores and incorporating the chain in the name of Safeway. The store became quite famous in the year 2015 after quite a few acquisitions and involvement of private entities.

The operations started in the western and central parts of the country and it has more than 1000 stores now to its credit, employing nearly 250000 employees. It also has stores in Mexico and offers multiple products to its consumers. Aside from offering lottery, flowers, liquor, snacks, products for dry cleaning, photographic items, the chain also offers money transfer services like Western Union and of course postage stamps from USPS. The store was listed in the top 100 largest retail stores by Forbes and it continues to remain among the top chain of retail stores in the country.

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