Does Publix Sell Stamps

Does Publix Sell Stamps

Does Publix Sell Stamps? Yes..

Quite a few people wonder on where they should go to get US postage stamps. If you are looking for a nearby place, then your best bet is on Publix. It has been among the leading outlets for selling postage stamps, among many other places in the country. The store is open on all days from 7 in the morning to 10 in the evening which is another convenience for those who want to get postage stamps.

The store is not just a destination for postage stamps but you can also visit the store to get other writing accessories like envelopes, pens, etc. Since it is a grocery chain of stores, it is also the best place to finish your grocery and postage shopping together along with pharmacy items. You can get your postage stamps in bulk at Publix along with other writing utensils and enjoy mailing within US or outside.

Postage Stamps Price in Publix:

The fact that the Publix store has all the writing accessories and is available to the public on all days of the week, definitely adds up as a beneficial factor to those looking for postage stamps. The stamps are sold in books of 20 which means you will have to pay for 20 stamps at any time. There are only forever stamps, the non-denominational one that is sold at Publix. The pricing of the stamps is purely dependent on the current pricing advised by US Postal Services. There is no deviation or further addition to the cost from the store.

The number of stamps that you need for your mail or package will of course depend on the destination and the weight of your package. In order to ensure that the right amount of postage is given to the mail, it is better to have your package weighed before buying the stamps. While Publix has postage stamps as part of its stock for sale, it doesn’t have the facility to weigh your package. You have to therefore do it prior to visiting the store. The cost will be that of a book of stamps, 20 forever stamps in all, at the current price offered by US Postal services.

How to Buy Stamps at Publix?

Being a leading chain of grocery stores in the country of United States, Publix boasts of a powerful presence across the nation. Being open on all days including Sundays from 7am to 10pm further makes it the perfect destination for all your postage needs. What is more interesting is the fact that you can also get your other writing accessories while buying stamps at Publix.

Getting the forever stamps at Publix is quite easy as you can simply follow the sticker that says “Stamps sold here” in the store. You will often find it near the cash register or at the reception where you can ask for a book or more of the forever stamps. In case you want to be sure that there are stamps prior to visiting the store, you can always give them a call on the number listed in their website or email them. You will get an immediate response on the nearest location and the stamps availability information. You can then proceed to the store and buy the necessary postage stamps and checkout as per usual.

Given that Publix is a wholesome store to buy grocery, pharmaceutical items and other beauty products, getting your postage stamp need not require a separate trip. You can finish all your grocery and pharmacy shopping together and collect the necessary postage stamps at the cash register as you check out. There are also online delivery options which you can check out on their website in case if you need it.

Publix Store Near You:

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Publix is one of the leading chain of stores in United States, which also means that there are quite a few outlets scattered along the nation. The headquarters of this store is in Lakeland, Florida and there are multiple branches found all over the nation for easy access. You can easily find the nearest store in your locality and make a trip to get your required postage stamps and other postage accessories. With so many branches, you will never have to take a longer trip for getting postage stamps from Publix.

For those who are looking for even simpler ways, Publix offers online order option as well where you can have the items delivered on the same day to you.

If you are looking to pay a visit, but you do not know where the nearest store is, then you simply have to get into their website and search for the nearest store in their store locator. You can choose the one closest to you and visit to get the required postage stamps along with grocery and other pharmacy items. Publix has presence in many states including Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia and Virginia and hence you will definitely find one near you.

About Publix:

It was in the year 1930 when the store was first opened in Lakeland, Florida and George W. Jenkins was the proud owner then. As of the year ending 2017, the company has more than 200000 staff members and has quite a major presence in south eastern states of the country with Florida alone having more than 760 stores. It is among the leading and largest grocery chain stores in the country as on date.

Publix while starting out as a grocery chain later expanded into many other items which included food supplies, pharmacy and postage stamps as well. The company also has its foothold in planning events, services on money transfer, online shopping and real estate.

Publix has many products including wellness and pharmaceutical products, Deli stores, Grocery stores and even bakeries that sell fresh baked goods. The store is well known for its involvement into the community and for the excellent customer service, a 24 hour support to all its consumers.

Despite the many tough times and challenges faced in the past, the store has continued to move ahead, expanding vastly over the time, now standing as the 13th largest retailer in the country and 35th largest in the entire world.

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